iTheque offers more than 800 audio books. The Quebec-based publisher Coffragants, American publisher Naxos and French publishers Livrior et Wordiz are part of our catalog, amongst others.

The audio books are consultable on line in streaming, via a reader compatible with the original format. They can also be downloaded. These files also, are chronodegradable.

Audio books: (Libros audio):

Before the invention of the paper book by Gutenberg in the fifteenth century, it was by oral tradition that stories were told. The flourishing actual market of the audio book is just, somehow, a return to the origins of literature. iTheque proposes many downloadable audio books : philosophical tales, poetry collections, and biographies. Customers can access our library, consult the list of available audio books and leave with a book downloaded on their portable audio readers.

Specific characteristics of the audio books :

• Easy to use and to store. They can be stored in a computer or in a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
• Flexibility and freedom of use . The audio book can be listened on a MP3 walkman, on a car's radio system, on a stereo while relaxing in the bathtub.
• The text comes to life thanks to the intervention of reading actors, sound effects and musical scores.

Some titles offered on iThèque :

- 1000 Years of Laughter David Timson Anthologies
- Composers' Letters Collectif Anthologies
- The History of Opera Richard Fawkes
- The History of Classical Music Fawkes
- Mon Voyage De Peche Jean-Marie Lapointe
- The Life and Work of Marcel Proust Jason Biographies
- The Lives of the Great Artists Vasari Biographies
- Wilde - PEARSON: The Life of Oscar Wilde Pearson Biographies
- La Prophétie Des Andes James Redfield Contes philosophiques
- L’homme Qui Plantait Des Arbres Jean Giono Contes philosophiques
- Le prophète Khalil Gibran Contes philosophiques
- Le goeland Richard Bach Contes philosophiques
- Dieu Albert Jacquard Essai
- Les Misérables Victor Hugo Fiction
- Return of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1 Doyle Arthur Conan Fiction
And others...

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