To support your mission of cultural distribution, iTheque offers you its multimedia platform.

Your subscribers will beneficiate from a complete digital media library accessible from any computer connected to Internet, at any time. The works can be seen, heard and used simultaneously by the total number of users.

You will be able to use tools to customize and animate the platform.

The users will gain access to various, simple and useful browsing tools.

Subscribing to iTheque gives access, in total respect of the copyright, to various digital resources. This multimedia service will be an undeniable cultural asset for your establishment.

iTheque includes multiple browsing and management tools for the users (subscribers) and the managers (librarians in charge of the management and animation of the service).

These tools may vary according to the subscription terms of the library.

For the users:
A secured personal account
Access from a distance
A research engine
A descriptive card

For the managers:
A secured management account
An account management interface
Stat reports
A communication tool

To discover iThèque , go to in order to get your personalized access code.

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Open letter

iThèque answers a simple fact : stagnation, as in regular decrease of the amount of discs loans in French libraries. This phenomenon also happens out of France: Belgium's media library's amount of audio CD loans is decreasing regularly.

The budget situation of our establishments is not allowing us to massively increase the CD acquisitions. To enlarge the offer could be the temporary answer to this fact.

For us, it appears a necessity to overcome this difficulty linked essentially to a change of format; the exponential increase of music files downloading (legal or illegal) clearly shows a radical change of habits amongst the users.

This fast appearing change of uses deeply affects our establishments. One of the necessary answers lies in the creation of distant services.

If formats are un-materializing, it should also be the case of our establishment services and parts of collections.

iThèque is one of the answers we need.

Louis Burle
Media library of the Trojan Agglomeration


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