For every content supplier, iTheque is an amazing tool for promotion and distribution. This opportunity is the object of a distribution agreement which guarantees copyright protection for every work available on the platform.

Download pdf distribution agreement.

Our presence in libraries could allow you to get discovered, known and appreciated by a large public.

This distribution, with no subscription fees, is remunerated according to pre-established agreement terms.

Works available on iTheque can be read or listened to for a determined period of time only. To keep them, users can buy them on www.Tonality.ca, commercial download platform from which the iTheque service originates.

The synergy between both services provides a high visibility for your works.

With iTheque, you have the opportunity to promote your work all over the public libraries network, worldwide. Subscription to the service is a simple procedure that guarantees copyrights and allows exposure to a large international audience.

In order to subscribe correctly, these steps must be followed:
1. The artist offers works to iTheque.
2. The iTheque team sends a distribution agreement to the artist.
3. The artist returns a signed copy of said agreement.
4. The artworks are put online on iTheque's website.


The distribution agreement protects the copyrights of the artists and iTheque, and sets the financial terms. Here is an excerpt from the agreement :

1. Works from its catalog will be available on the ITHEQUE multimedia platform to listen online (stream) and to download for a short-time period (secured download). The protection given to the artworks will make them chronodegradables : which means that after a period of three (3) weeks, works downloaded will not be able to be seen or played by the user who previously downloaded them.

Terms of distribution

2. iTheque guarantees distribution of artworks on the ITHEQUE multimedia platform.

3. The PRODUCER gives ITHEQUE the right to use all the information concerning the catalog which helps to secure a good distribution.

4. ITHÈQUE covers all distribution fees concerning the catalog.

5. TONALITY will get the required licenses from the CSI (CMRRA, SODRAC INC.) for overdue royalties of mechanical reproductions of the artworks on ITHÈQUE.

Financial conditions

6. Royalties payable to the PRODUCER will be given quarterly, aside from those related to www.Tonality.ca (if applicable).

7. Royalities payable to the PRODUCER will be determined as follow:
• For every institution subscription to the iTheque service, 15 % of the subscription costs will be shared between every rightful owners.
• Sharing of the total amount overdue to the rightful owners will be done according to a ratio between the number of consultations and downloads of a given work compared to the total number of consultations and downloads.

8. All Payments will be accompanied by electronic reports concerning consultations and loans by downloading made with the iTheque service. These reports will mention the details of every consultation and completed download, and will include, amongst others, the following information : title, artist, quantity, and the amount due to the PRODUCER.

When you subscribe to the iThèque service you get a whole panel of free customized services that will allow you to increase your visibility on the iThèque website and on Internet.


- Editing and putting the products online.
- Production and updating of the product cards of the online shop, including detailed description of the works, critics, biographic elements, etc.
- Putting online the excerpts and promotional material (audio excerpts, videos, pictures, multimedia clips, etc.)
- Production and sending of a weekly bulletin, including information about new products, events, and occurring projects.
- Putting online the news about artists, relations with medias and projects of Tonality.
- Artists promotion on the website during launching of new products (using banners, modules, slideshows, etc.).
- Creation of links between the iTheque website and the artists' websites.
- News and description of products posted on information bulletins.
- Setup and management of customized virtual storefront included in the Tonality website.


The SODRAC is a Canadian managing society for the reproduction rights of authors, composers and publishers.

The reproduction right is one of the elements of the copyright. This reproduction right conferred to the rightful owners by the law allows them to control each fixation of their works on any type of audio or audiovisual format (compact discs, tapes, videotapes, videodiscs, new technologies formats, etc.). This right also includes the use of the recordings from these supports.

The SODRAC is one of the five (5) managing societies members of the Canadian Private Copyright Collective (CPCC). This society is the only organism mandated by the Copyright Board of Canada to distribute royalties, for the sale in Canada, of blank audio formats.

The SODRAC, cessionary of the reproduction rights of its members, negotiates collective and individual agreements with the works users (such as phonogram and videogram producers, broadcasters, education institutions, etc.).

In collective agreements, the SODRAC awards a general exploitation license to the users from which she perceives, in return, a flat rate amount that is shared between its members. In individual agreements, which concerns notably the reproduction of pre-existing works in some audiovisual productions, the SODRAC always take advice from the rightful owners in order to make sure that their moral rights are respected.

The SODRAC perceives for reproductions made in Canada and abroad. In the case of foreign countries, the sums owed to members of the SODRAC are perceived by the intervention of its company sisters.

The iThèque service subscribes to the parameters of the copyright set by the SODRAC.


Conditions of use
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