iTheque proposes several thousands of electronic books to download. They consist mostly of traditional ones of literature and original works from French speaking writers. Each month, hundreds of titles are added to our catalog.

Available electronic books can be downloaded and transferred.

Three formats of electronic books are available: PDF, RTC, and Microsoft Reader. Some books are only available in one of these three formats, while others are available in all three. All reading software required for the consultation of the electronic books can be downloaded for free.

Electronic books (ebooks):

An ebook is the electronic publishing of a book. The PDF (Adobe) technology or Microsoft Reader makes the reading of these books possible on a computer screen, portable or desktop, or on the screen of a personal assistant Palm or Pocket PC. Reading a ebook can be compared to the reading of a regular paper book: you flip it page by page by touching the screen; text is justified and of a legibility now comparable to the one that usually appears in a paper book. It is also possible to add page markers or to turn over to the last page read. Lastly, like a paper book, the ebook has a cover, a description and a table of contents. Books of all literary genres are available on iTheque: novels, schoolbooks, poetry, etc. Most books are only available in French, but some English ebooks are also available.

Specific characteristics of the electronic books:

• They allow the distribution of works not very available, not printed anymore or hard to find.
• The electronic book contains functions which facilitate the navigation and search for information.
• the electronic book allows the reader, by the means of hypertext comments, to take notes without damaging the work.
• The electronic book can be stored and carried easily (a Pocket Pc can contain more than 1000 books).
• The electronic book is, by definition, ecological: it simultaneously meets the need of preserving our forests and solves the problem of the constant increase in the cost of paper.
• The electronic book gives its readers the capacity to rebuild the text using hyperlinks which allows a nonlinear and personalized reading of the work.
• The reader can also choose the preferred font style and size and reorganize the text so that it is more comfortable to be read.

Some titles available:

Assez! - Extrait du journal d'un peintre défunt Tourgueniev Ivan Sergueïevitch
Voyage du Prince Fan - Federin dans la romancie Bougeant Guillaume-Hyacinthe
Alice au Pays des Merveilles Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Version originale anglaise Lewis Carroll
Through the looking glass - Version originale anglaise Lewis Carroll
Clitandre Pierre Corneille
La légende et les aventures héroïques, joyeuses et glorieuses, d'Ulenspiegel et de Lamme Goedzak au pays de Flandres et ailleurs. Charles Coster
Messieurs les ronds-de-cuir Georges Courteline
Le grillon du foyer - Histoire fantastique d'un intérieur domestique Charles Dickens
Le procès Franz Kafka
Souvenirs de jeunesse et d'âge mûr Adolphe Retté
Voyage d'une famille autour du monde (À bord de son yacht « Le Sunbeam ») Brassey Lady
Aventures et mésaventures du baron de Münchhausen August Bürger Gottfried
And others...

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