F.A.Q. iThèque V3.3

What is iTheque?
iTheque, mainly, is an online library that allows librarians and their subscribers to gain access to a digital loan service from their library or their home computers. It is a unique system that also allows integration and broadcast of every culture worldwide. It is a complementary tool for public libraries and media libraries.

How many products are available through iTheque?
On a regular basis, iTheque adds around 250 new multimedia products (music, audio books, electronic books, videos and games) provided by different producers and distributors on a worldwide scale. Our catalog currently contains more than 240,000 works and we foresee the integration of more than a million new products by the end of the year 2007.

How can I consult the available works?
Select your media by choosing one of the following categories:
- Music (Mp3)
- Audio books
- Videos
- Ebooks
- Games

- Click on the link of the media that you wish to consult to gain access to the database.
- Click on product image.
- Then, you have to choose between listening to an album or adding it permanently to your playlist.

How do the playlists system works?
iTheque allows you to build a customized elaborate playlist, made of many albums, videos and electronic books. You only have to add them one by one to your own personal playlist.
You can save your lists and load them when you wish to do so and you can also elaborate a series of lists that you can listen to according to your different moods and tastes.
- Click on (+) to add a new track to your playlist.
- Click on (>) to play a track.

How can I make a research?
Select the research link located just below the listening window.
- To make a research, type the keywords in the field reserved for the searching operation.
- Choose the research field by clicking on the unfolding menu located below the « Advanced search » section. The research by keywords can be made for artists, albums or song titles.
- Click on « Search ». The results will appear.

How do the Itheque radio works?
The Itheque radio offers you to listen to the complete catalog’s works regrouped under the following 4 major genres:
-French pop
-Pop Rock
You have to select your favorite genre in order to fill your playlist with the songs that will be played by the radio. The tracks are randomly selected by the radio, allowing you to discover many new artists and albums every time you listen to it. While you listen to your radio, you can click anytime on a title to see the product’s technical card. Have a great listening session!

What are the general rules of use of iTheque?
Use of the iTheque service must be made in total respect of the rights of the intellectual property. Every content obtained via iTheque is meant for personal use only and any other use is strictly forbidden. The dispositions concerning the respect of intellectual property are mentioned and explained in the « Property rights » paragraph.
The user must observe an ethical behavior meaning no offense to the image or efficiency of the iTheque service. It is your responsibility to acknowledge certain elements and to respect them: The security measures, the confidentiality policy, the electronic instruction and the responsibility limitations.
You are engaged to show moderation concerning the use of the platform, notably concerning the downloading of digital works. You are also engaged to inform yourself with your librarian or with the iTheque service concerning the limits of downloads.
Each and every abusive use of the service, notably concerning downloading, can make the subject of a temporary or permanent suspension from the service access.

Why is it so important to respect the conditions of use of iTheque :
ITheque is an innovative digital loan service that allows to consult and download works protected by copyrights and reproduction rights binding the author, the rights owner and the producer to iMe Inc. and iTheque.
iTheque is a service service offered to you by your library under the only condition that you respect the conditions of use of iTheque.
Non-respect of the conditions of use of iTheque would as well go against the respect of the copyrights and could lead us to temporarily or permanently suspend your access to the service.

What are the pre required technical?
In order to gain access to iTheque, you will need an Internet connexion, either direct, or working by the intervention of systems able to access content provided by Internet, being clear that the eventual fees corresponding are at your only charge.
You also have to equip with all of the necessary equipment and material, notably of a computer, a modem or any other connection tool, in order to guarantee a connection to the Internet network.
Optimal use of the platform, mainly concerning the content consultation, could need the use of certain free software, always available on Internet. It is your responsibility to get said free software.

Are the files Mac compatible?

Which types of libraries and/or establishments can subscribe to iTheque?
Public or private libraries, scholar establishments, universities of all kinds, institutions, private or public enterprises.

I have lost my password : how can I retrieve it?
Click on the link of your local media library or library.
Once your login window is opened, click on the ‘’I forgot my password’’ option located just below the ‘’User name’’ and ‘’Password’’ fields and enter the information that is asked.

Can I unsubscribe to the Itheque bulletin, and if so, how?
Contact us at: non@itheque.net

I am an artist, how can I offer my works on iTheque?
Contact us at: info@itheque.net

I represent a label, I am a distributor, producer, how can I submit my catalog?
Contact us at: info@itheque.net

I represent a library or media library and wish to subscribe to the service, who should I contact?
In Europe, contact: laura@itheque.net
In North America, contact: gratia@itheque.net
In Latin America, contact: admin@itheque.net
In any other territories, contact: organisme@itheque.net


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