iThèque offers more than 140 000 mp3 for users to listen and to download. Several hundreds of records are added monthly to the platform.

The iTheque musical catalog is composed of digitalized MP3 audio files. The files are consultable online in « streaming », via a format compatible reader.

They can also be downloaded. Downloading terms may vary in accordance with the category where the files belong to:

• The free for use files: once downloaded, these files can be kept, copied and transferred without constraints.
• The protected files: these files become chronodegradable with the intervention of a managing solution for digital rights. Three weeks after the date of downloading, they cannot be consulted anymore. These files cannot be copied or transferred.

As parts of different partnerships with cultural events, related content will be available online in order to help the users to know about more about these events.

Three cultural events are already highlighted on iTheque:
Montreal's Fringe Festival
The OFF jazz Festival of Montreal
Le festival international de la chanson de Granby

Specific characteristics of the mp3s:
• Free excerpts from the songs are quickly available.
• mp3 presentation includes complementary information and visual supports (biographies, pictures, press?)
• The user can create his/her own compilations and mixes and select specific tracks from an artist.
• Some of our mp3s are available in high resolution (320 Kbps).

Some artists available on iTheque :

Tonality Productions
Naxos USA
Alain Caron
Tanya Tagaq
Andrew David
Beatin Fractions (Healthy boys. L.L.C)
Bertrand Boulbar
CD Tempo
Cécile Corbel
Curura Musique
David Bourdeaux (Law)
DD Swank
Drôle de goût
Ebbanflow Productions
Effendi Records
Éric Daunis
les Éditions et Productions Melodium Records
Federico Ciminari
Felipe Ugarte
Fluid Mind
François Gauthier
Freddy Koella
Genest-Biaggi Frederic
Guy Trépanier
Halbop Sarp
Jean-Michel Manzano
Keith Dawson
La société Livrior
Le Magazine Musique et Cultures Digitales
Léo Urriolabeitia
Les Batteux Slaques
Les productions Elgro S.E.N.C.
Les Proluksons Jizor
Little Genius Entertainment
Louis Beaulieu
Lucky Lex
Marc Sage
Marc-André Cyr
Martin Granger
Martin Picard
Mathieu Blossier
Maude Bélanger
Michel Legault
Michel Régnier
Migue Musik/ Muna Mingole
Motus 3F live
Normand Carrey
Notes Editions
Peter Laurent
Pierre Calvé
Pierre-Luc Brillant
Planet Nemo animation S.A.S.
Productions Douce Rebelle
Productions Sans Pépin
Productions Suem
Régent Xavier
Roy Hubler
Samuel Vézina
Saraswati Marie-France Montpetit
Sébastien Greffard
Spoutnik Musik
Stephen Johnston
Tanya Tagag Gulus
Valerianne Lavi
Yves Desbiens

And others...

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