iThèque offers the first ever French-speaking multimedia platform of secured online loan created for libraries and their users. Its catalog includes musical artworks, audio books, electronic books, videos and games.

iThèque offers online loan service and multimedia listening post. Both of these aspects are dynamically conducted and managed by the librarians. Interactive and user-friendly management tools are available, allowing users to customize the offered service.

iTheque complements the existing physical libraries catalogues.

Available artworks can be read or listened online or can be directly downloaded. Artworks are « chronodegradable »: they cannot be consulted after a specified period of time.

iThèque also encourages libraries to put their own content online in order to promote the local cultural scene.

iThèque is continuously available for everyone, from everywhere, and at any time. The platform's interactive tools allow librarians to upgrade and to consolidate the link between the library and its subscribers.

Each customer gets a unique, customized portal that gives access to the service. The setting, hosting and maintenance of the platform and its contents are managed and taken in charge by our professional team.

iThèque includes multiple browsing and managing tools for both users (subscribers) and managers (librarians in charge of the management and the interactivity of the service).

These tools may vary according to the subscription terms and conditions accepted by the library.

The main features of our multimedia platform are:

• Optimized configuration to ease browsing and online loan.
• A Follow-up of artistic and general news.
• Unique identity.
• A wide range of downloadable products.
• Priority given to independent local scenes.
• Renting service for downloadable products.
• Innovating technology (Highest quality Flash).
• « streaming » listening and viewing post.
• Simple and ergonomic interface.
• Elegant graphic aspect.
• Large choice of digital products.
• Exclusive content.
• Various choices of package deal to fit the customers' needs.
• Blogs, forums of discussions, appreciations and contents lists.
• « Wiki »

For users:

A secured personal account: Your access to the platform is defined by a user name and a password.
Access from distance: Any computer connected to Internet allows you to access the platform.
A research engine: Your browsing sessions are made easier by a precise research engine created by rigorous cataloguing.
A description card: Each artwork comes with a detailed description card.

For managers:

A secured managing account: Your access to the managing interface is defined by a user name and a password.
An account managing interface: Easy to use, it allows you to create, modify or deactivate subscribers' accounts.
Stat reports: These detailed reports allow you to follow and evaluate the service used by your subscribers.
A communication tool: You can send messages on the platform's home page to advise and/or provide information to your subscribers.

Conditions of use
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