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January 1st 2007

We are happy to introduce you to the new website. Actually, the platform has been largely improved, as much on the graphic aspect level as on its functions.

iTheque offers a digital loan service and a multimedia listening post unique on a worldwide scale. These two aspects are animated and managed by the librarians. User-friendly interactive managing tools are available in order to customize the service offered to the users.

We personally invite documentation professionals to contact us in order to gain temporary access to the platform.

We also invite artists, labels, editors and content producers to subscribe their works and complete catalogs on iTheque for free and to enjoy this unique occasion to self promote and self broadcast worldwide.

Enjoy discovering the site and happy new year !
Francois Turgeon president, iTheque


Television broadcast concerning iTheque in Montpellier. French channels FR -3 and FR-6 will broadcast on November 13th, early evening, a report concerning the iTheque service located in Montpellier.

Many articles have already been published by different newspapers - all positive ones - about the setting of the new service. This important media cover will benefit the increase of subscribers in the libraries network of the Agglomeration of Montpellier.


Montreal, October 12 2006
It is in an overcrowded room and before the eyes of an enthusiastic and receptive audience that NEeMA introduced some selected songs from her first album in career: Masì Cho. Members of the audience had a unique chance to enjoy the charisma and soothing voice of this artist from Montreal who sang in English, French and Tlicho.

Rick Haworth, with simplicity and humility, two well known characteristics of the musician, introduced the record to the audience, composed of journalists and industry people, with these words: « Rarely have I seen an artist so devoted and accomplished like NEeMA. After more than three years of hard work, she has emerged with a record that reflects her tastes and image. The result spawned by this work and its many collaborations is completely and simply what NEeMA is all about. I am really proud to be a part of this artistic project. »

The Masì Cho record is distributed on a national scale with help from the BACAR/Tonality Productions label and Distribution SELECT. Don't be surprised to hear tracks like Masì, Break The Cycle or Let It Go on radio stations all over Quebec. Famous guests like Rick Haworth (Lhasa, Daniel Bélanger, Michel Rivard), Karen Young, David Sturton (Jean Leloup, Anik Jean, James Di Salvio), Tagaq (Björk, Kronos Quartet), François Turgeon, and Sari Dajani are giving this record a unique sound and ambiance that will touch the adult public craving lyrical songs and catchy melodies. Mixing folk, Arabic influences and rhythms of the first nations of the Great North of Canada, the album invokes the many trips and pilgrimages of its author.

On November 9, NEeMA will perform a show at the Green Room to highlight her participation to documentary movie What is Indie? Another show is set for November 30th at the Lion D'Or as part of a campaign against torture organized by Amnesty International.

Biography, chronology, press articles, technical card, album copy and Masì video available on demand. NEeMA is available for interviews in both official languages.

Label : Bacar-Tonality Productions / Distribution : Select Website :
Additionnal information : Marc Lamothe 514 276-9972


September 7 2006 - 14:12:06

iTheque, a music listening platform online for libraries

Music online in library

The media library of the Trojan agglomeration and the Quebec based company Tonality have developed an online music listening and download platform specially designed for library users: iTheque. We would like to offer a complementary service for already existing physical library collections, at the hour of debates, amongst librarians, about the un-materialization of services and funds. Other initiatives of this kind already exists outside the French-speaking community, including the Danish experience Netmusic. No French initiative had happened to this day. We are currently trying to enlarge the size of the distributed catalog; we are opened to every proposition. The platform gives priority to independent artists and labels and also to "indie" music. We wish to create a new distribution channel complementary to those already existing.

However, this project is meant to subscribe to the new legal framework. This is why we are searching for numerous partners in order to strengthen the foundation of the service. That way, library users will benefit from an innovating, necessary service answering the missions of public service.


By tonality @ may 31st 2006 - 09:24:28

The iTheque project principal function is music and cultural content distribution for libraries and media libraries users.

The offered content necessarily has to be complementary to the already existing physical collections and is not meant to become a total substitute to said collections.

Nevertheless, the decrease or stagnation of audio CD loans incites consideration and new thoughts concerning replacement solutions with mid-term effects; it will necessarily be done, for libraries, by the intervention of external providers but also by a work of collection and digital distribution of the locally produced music.

Libraries also have the role to promote the music created and distributed outside the regular channels of distribution. Which is the case of "indie" music.

iTheque might be a way to distribute this type of alternative musical production for libraries and media libraries users. This way, the platform would be a way of distribution amongst many others.

However, the "make doubled bloom" argument sometimes mentioned to protect an exclusivity that should not be, cannot be accepted in this case. Independent music wants to live and one of the solutions to give it a chance of survival amongst corporate giants lies in multi-distribution. iTheque evolves in this frame and way of thinking.

And so, we are looking for new partners: musicians, bands or independent labels!

One of the many advantages of the platform is the fact that it offers many promotional possibilities and its target public (cultural establishments users) is not always up to date concerning new independent music on the Internet.

Discover the website of one of our future partners, Elkysia :

Louis Burle ?media library of the Trojan agglomeration


by tonality @ may 4th 2006 - 16:39:17

Actual creation of online music and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms leads us to completely re-think our way to handle content distribution.

The media library concept based on the plurality of supports is losing much of its utility in the hour of audio and video CD?s loan stagnation. The un-materializing of the supports leads to a redefinition of the librarian profession; our work - today ? has to deal with this phenomenon.

The expansion of the collections cannot be thought and done without the integration of this process. Happily, this process means new services development and creation and interventions from outside suppliers. However, when a new market option rises, one of the first phases of its development is the explosion of the offer before the concentration.

We must deal with the situation and we cannot faire economize tests and failures; however, the supply is growing and the content channels are multiplying. It seems to me that adaptation lies in the use of a single channel.

Sure, the multimedia platform notion is nothing new; what is new is the distribution notion for different cultural contents using a single channel in library.

And if we cannot economize a development phase, it has to be much more than "a scream in the desert".

Louis Burle? media library of the Trojan agglomeration


by tonality @ April 10th 2006 - 16:56:24

The creation of a new service answers to two requirements:
- being aware of the evolution of the supports and their uses,
- predict the demand and undertake it.
?iTheque is part of a simple adaptation of libraries-media libraries to new technological standards; most of the time, librarians are not happy with real fast-happening changes. The legitimacy of an establishment lies in part in structural adaptations. Of course, it is no good to be a "flavor of the week" aficionado, only following trends. Digital revolution is on its way; and without the shadow of a doubt, this revolution might be even more important than the one caused by the invention of writing. We must follow it because we are witnesses to a real major historical change. Unfortunately, doubt and suspicion reigns and there are many librarians reacting this way. It cannot be question of a quarrel between Ancients and Moderns.

Developing a new service equals subscribing to the natural exchange and market logics. We should not stay hidden in the shadow!


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