iThèque offers :
- music videos,
- variety of shows (concerts, humor),
- movies (short and medium length films),
- documentaries
- multimedia works

iThèque offers the TéléSavoirs catalog, featuring over 200 documentaries. Also, the company collaborates with Le Vidéographe in order to digitalize and set online 500 of the most known works from video makers across Quebec and Canada. iTheque also aims, while collaborating with Tonality Productions, to develop the « master class » concept, which consists of a series of pedagogy oriented videos concerning specific artistic fields of activity. These videos will be distributed exclusively on our website.

The videos can be viewed online or downloaded according to their format. All required software can be downloaded for free.

To implement our video section, we use the DivX technology. Based on the MPEG-4 standard which it optimizes, DivX is a video codec created by DivXNetworks.Inc, known for its capacity to compress huge video files into lighter ones. An algorithm of compression and of video decompression, DivX can compress a film occupying 5 Go, on a DVD, to 700 Mo the space on a regular CD-R, thus allowing 85 % of reduction in size, without any noticeable loss of quality. DivX, which is basically the equivalent of the MP3 for the video, enables us to distribute high quality videos, in high flow, on demand. Our customers will be able to download our video content effectively.

The DivX makes it possible to integrate DRM functions protecting our files against piracy and hacking. Also, these DRM functions will give us the possibility to offer a loan service of our video content because loaned files will be encrypted in a way that will program them to self-erase from the client's hard drive after a determined period of time, accordingly to the renting formulas and terms.

Specific characteristics of the videos:

• iThèque offers lots of videos online
• Videos can be watched in « streaming » or they can be downloaded
• Videos available on iTheque is mostly exclusive
• Videos usually accompanied by related information and are generally linked to other products.

Some genres available:

Clips music videos
And others...

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